Kids Hospital: Laboratory

Kids Hospital: Laboratory

Kids Hospital: Laboratory

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Kids Hospital Laboratory

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital - Sleep Lab Study

It is very interesting to visit a laboratory. Here important researches and scientific experiments take place. It is even more interesting to visit medical laboratory in the hospital. Here you can do analysis, study viruses and microbes through the microscope, and then prepare medicines, which you can later buy in the drugstore in the hospital. You can also grow up bacteria here, which will help to fight different diseases. Have you got a virus or just a cold? Don't worry! Senior lab assistant Hippy will help you to become healthy. Hippy Medical Laboratory is waiting for you!

Kids Medical Laboratory is a wonderful game, where children could learn about the world through game. About the world, you can see only under the microscope. Today we will mix different medical mixtures, search for bad viruses and fight bad bacteria. What's more, we will grow biological patches and put them on the damaged organ. But before going to the needed department, you need to walk through different corridors of the hospital and meet patients, who need help. Let's go! Let's study analysis of the patient more closely and find a bad virus.

Hippo Kids Medical Laboratory is made especially for boys and girls. You don't need to be afraid of the hospital anymore! Try to fight a bad virus or to grow up bacteria, it will be very interesting. Exciting world with bad viruses and funny bacteria is waiting for you. This novelty, like all our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free! Stay tuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy, playing with them our games.